Good Things

Finally managed to feed myself some greens today. A simplified version of my favorite Epicurious kale and date salad with almonds and parmesan. This is an absolutely stand out recipe if you have the time to make every component. When I’m feeling lazy I get the idea of it in the bowl. I make a lemon olive oil dressing in the bowl, add a few chopped dates, a cube of Dorot garlic, and some parmesan. Then toss in the kale. I forgot the almonds completely, it’s still good. For dessert: a warmed, okay, two warmed stroopwafels, because Trader Joe’s had them.

Good Things Today:

  • Dealing with some fatigue, so I spent the better part of the morning finishing a book of YA fiction, and keeping electronics off.
  • Prepped some vegetables for myself. Chopped the kale, some sweet potatoes, my leeks. Soft boiled a dozen eggs.
  • Long conversations with friends. Thankful for shared experiences, and my weekly “retro” buddy.
  • A short run, walking the dog around the block, and relax and renew yoga with Jane.

To bed!

xo, Sam

Good Things

I’ve reached the part of my evening where I’m assessing when is too early to go to bed on a weekend. Which is to say, it’s probably never too early to go to bed. But dropping a note of just a few good things, today:

  • Dinner from Super Fusion 2.
  • This dog and this blanket.
  • Squash soup with stirred in Rancho Gordo Domingo rojos.
  • Friend Zooms.
  • The Mandalorian.
  • Queen’s Gambit.
  • Leigh Bardugo books.
  • My family making their (first) Turkey of the week. “It’s just six pounds!” (Me, giving them all a side-eye.)
  • Anticipation and savoring of Ore-nells delivery (the holiday itself will be zoomed.)
  • Puppy snuggles.

Enjoying fall leaves and the temperate weather, we walked three miles and change this afternoon and it was lovely.

Here’s to recharging and rest.

Xo, Sam

Good Things

:: Self reminder: It’s okay that GOOD THINGS are really just a collection of small good things, sort of on repeat, because we’re living in a pandemic, and frankly recurring simple joys are important at all times of life.

:: I *love* a good pun. There’s nothing I love more than rolling in with a timely pun. I’d say 1/3 of my twitter replies are puns and I’m happy with that.

:: Bertram’s backyard play date with Sawyer, his bestie.

:: Squash soup for lunch. For dinner I wanted the flavors of Mississippi Roast without the time commitment, so I bathed a piece of beef in Trader Joe’s Green Goddess dip, and a half jar of pepperonici, covered with foil, and cooked in my convection toaster for a few hours. Delicious.

:: Book club. We’re reading “Who not How” (affiliate link).

Important question: Charcuterie Chalets. Heaven or Horror?

xo Sam