Just a list today.

  • Dinner: air fryer chicken with spicy italian seasoning, roasted cauliflower with sriracha barbecue sauce, garlic aioli, and green goddess to dip.
  • Bingo: I forgot how much I love bingo? Honestly I had three cards going at once and didn’t win any of the rounds. Reminds me of the first time I saw *real* bingo in France when I was a teenager. Mostly older ladies with a stack of cards and real prizes.
  • Do The Thing* Hour: with regulars!
  • Movement: a run out in the cold listening to WBUR, a mid-length walk with Bertram in his little plaid hoodie. A late night Power Yoga class with Chelle.

Other good things:

  • Candles from Trader Joe’s – the big unscented stack candles, in Weck jars, to improve mood.
  • Heated blankets.
  • Hydration. (Aspirational, I’m about to go do that.)
  • More Midsomer Murders. I’m consistent. I’m really enjoying the upgraded Apple TV after a decade with my old one.
  • Canceled meetings: reclaiming the time to do NOTHING.

xo. Sam