I can count the number of takeout meals I’ve eaten during the pandemic on my two hands, but today I had to venture into the wild for an appointment downtown, and used it as an excuse to get Bon Me and Cider donuts (no picture because they never last long enough for a photograph) from Boston Public Market. Alas, they were out of tea eggs, but I always love a good noodle bowl.

Other things: reading in the quiet morning. I’m getting into a stride with my latest book, which is perfectly passable, but in contrast to my last book is a bit of a slog. I won’t mention it because truly I don’t think it’s fair to the author.

Good things: justifying a new yoga mat because it’s on flash sale (this one by B Yoga – a very good deal at $57.60) and because it’s my favorite, and I use my mat now at least 5 hours a week and could use a rotation!

While I wouldn’t quite list is as a “good thing”, I’m working my way towards the shift to cold season. I love the cold when properly dressed; not so much when I’ve forgotten my gloves. On the plus side, today I remembered them, and yet, the whipping wind made it impossible to enjoy my decent layering even bundled.

On that note: staying warm with a heated blanket and a living heater dog.

And: those tall unscented cylinder candles at Trader Joe’s to keep things cozy.

À demain!

Xo Sam