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  • Bulleted Lists.

Now that we have that out of the way – Good Things, for today.

:: Leftover porridge – this one from Maine Grains – with a hint of maple syrup, and a splash of cream. It seems like the type of thing that I could make a full batch of but usually I just double on a Sunday, and have the other half the next day.

:: Carrot soup with radiatore and Domingo rojo beans, and a little bit of unexpected cheddar, and then a little bit of parmesan, and still everything was missing a little salt.

:: Everyone is so delighted to meet Bertram in his little safety glowing party necklace. I’ve started putting it on myself when I go for my run after we walk, but it doesn’t hold the same sway when it’s on a human rather than a raver pup.

:: My felt right samples. Going to pick a few colors and then adorn my walls with acoustic dampening and COLOR!

:: Books: swapping between a hard cover (fiction) and a kindle book (business). I go for the audio books either on my walk or night time before bed for 20 minutes. (I’d read, but my eyes don’t love night time reading!)

:: Yoga as Therapy with Michael Lee – one of my favorite classes of the week: a five part class starting with movement, intensifying, and then shifting towards meditation, stillness, and insight. It’s moving next week to 5:30 on Ompractice, but I’m going to end my day a little earlier to take it.

:: Collaboration – it’s been a good Monday of working with others. It’s… Monday still, right?

xo Sam