I’ve reached the part of my evening where I’m assessing when is too early to go to bed on a weekend. Which is to say, it’s probably never too early to go to bed. But dropping a note of just a few good things, today:

  • Dinner from Super Fusion 2.
  • This dog and this blanket.
  • Squash soup with stirred in Rancho Gordo Domingo rojos.
  • Friend Zooms.
  • The Mandalorian.
  • Queen’s Gambit.
  • Leigh Bardugo books.
  • My family making their (first) Turkey of the week. “It’s just six pounds!” (Me, giving them all a side-eye.)
  • Anticipation and savoring of Ore-nells delivery (the holiday itself will be zoomed.)
  • Puppy snuggles.

Enjoying fall leaves and the temperate weather, we walked three miles and change this afternoon and it was lovely.

Here’s to recharging and rest.

Xo, Sam