:: Self reminder: It’s okay that GOOD THINGS are really just a collection of small good things, sort of on repeat, because we’re living in a pandemic, and frankly recurring simple joys are important at all times of life.

:: I *love* a good pun. There’s nothing I love more than rolling in with a timely pun. I’d say 1/3 of my twitter replies are puns and I’m happy with that.

:: Bertram’s backyard play date with Sawyer, his bestie.

:: Squash soup for lunch. For dinner I wanted the flavors of Mississippi Roast without the time commitment, so I bathed a piece of beef in Trader Joe’s Green Goddess dip, and a half jar of pepperonici, covered with foil, and cooked in my convection toaster for a few hours. Delicious.

:: Book club. We’re reading “Who not How” (affiliate link).

Important question: Charcuterie Chalets. Heaven or Horror?

xo Sam