Goodreads Shelves

Here’s a public intention:

I’d like to commit to an hour a day reading throughout November. This means an hour a day that I’m not spending watching television. (Caveat that books on tape count, in my book.)

I read fiction to escape. Particularly Swedish mysteries, young adult novels, and other fast paced books. I also like literature that makes me think critically. I like the hard stuff, but it takes me a while to get through.

I read to learn. I read to grow.

I read nonfiction business books, because for every book I read, I latch on to a golden nugget, and drive myself into action.

I like the blog the millions. Do you know it?

For the past several years, I’ve used to organize my reading. Today I re-organized my shelves with some inspiration from a few friends. I added several categories including business, design, psychology, tech startups, and writing. I also added two categories for female and male authors. My goal is to have the tally swing towards female authors by the end of the year.

Tonight I have a date with #Girlboss before I go to bed. What are you reading?

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