This week I’ve been thinking about relaxation, and how I’m not very good at it. While I advocate self care to everyone I know, I’m not always as good at taking care of myself. Self care need not be about doing the right things all of the time, but it is about doing the right little things most of the time. Here are some of my most recent small comforts that I rely on to stay healthy and happy.

Small Comforts

1. Flowers – small, beautiful, colorful flowers. I don’t need to buy myself roses, or even a large bouquet – a single stem usually does the trick. But if you like bouquets, by all means, go all out!

2. Hot Water Bottle. I fill mine and put it under the covers to warm up the bed before I get in at night.

3. Slippers. I have the Wicked Good Moccasin from L.L. Bean. Classic. Warm and toasty.

4. Chai Hot Chocolate. I tried the kind from Starbucks this week, even though I don’t usually purchase their sweetened beverages. I was seduced by the red cups. It wasn’t terrible. (Usually I make my own with black tea, spices, and cocoa.)

5. Hot water with ginger and honey. I try to drink hot water all day long. Ginger and honey when I need a little zip.

6. Verbena Tea. I steep verbena leaves in water (technically a tisane.)

7. Baby Cacti (and other succulents). Nothing I do will kill them, and they remain bright and happy on my windowsill.

8. Eggs. In the kitchen, always.

9. Grapefruit. With a little sprinkle of maple sugar on each half. A coworker today mentioned that she had never had grapefruit. I am concerned for her well being.

10. Chocolate. For curing all the things.