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I’m Sam Tackeff, and I’ve been cooking in the kitchen for longer than I can remember. My mother would set me to work with something to peel, chop, or stir right alongside her. There is no doubt that I’m the happiest when eating, cooking, talking or thinking about food.

I grew up in New Hampshire, right by the ocean, and after college moved to San Francisco. I am a bit of a Jill of all Trades: writer, blogger, website design, editor, food consultant, recipe tester, food researcher, recipe organizer, and have worked for some prominent chefs and cookbook authors. I’m always looking for new opportunities to share my passion for food, and if you would like to work with me, please feel free to contact me to set up a meeting. I also am the former bookstore manager of Omnivore Books on Food, and cookbooks are my passion!

I’m also particularly interested in how food plays a role in health and wellness, and am a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and a certified health and wellness coach, with certification from the SUNY Purchase College. For my day job, I lead Globalization at RunKeeper, a fitness company with the mission of promoting active living for every body. (I also moonlight as the Systems Team Lead and the Agile coach for the Data Team, and find myself doing a host of odd jobs, including running our weekly #RKChat when they let me.)

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While I’m certainly not doing this blog to make a living, if you purchase books or products that are mentioned on this site, such as from, I may be receiving a tiny kick back from your purchases (think fractions of a cent, or cents). And while I’d always recommend shopping at your local independent bookstores, cooking stores, etc. these bonuses only help to keep this blog running!

While the majority of books and kitchen gadgetry mentioned on the blog have been purchased from my own resources, occasionally I will receive products for review – please note, I will *always* disclose that I have received a product for review, and frankly, I won’t post about it if I don’t like it.

Here’s the official disclosure: “Samantha Tackeff is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to”

Health Disclaimer:

Please note that I am not a doctor or an RD, but I am a certified health and wellness consultant through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. For further help regarding medical illnesses such as eating disorders, please contact your doctor or local RD for advice. For more information, please contact me at

The Site:

The site is powered by WordPress, using a modified CutLine theme. I’m also using a green host for the site -data centers use up a lot of energy – try choosing one that is committed to reducing their impact!

All text and photos are © Samantha Tackeff 2009-2015 except where otherwise noted. Please do not steal! Email me at sam [at] – if you’d like to use one of my photos, and I’d be happy to share my terms. Thanks!


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  • John Dawson

    This is fantastic! I’m very impressed and can’t wait to taste some of your cooking.

  • Paula Lambert

    How very nice you are to comment so favorably in regard to our Hoja Santa Goat Cheese! I am thrilled that you enjoyed it and know it was delicious in the Tomato Goat Cheese Tart!

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  • Sharon Fernandes

    Sam – Thank you for visiting Stonehouse 27 at the Fancy Food Show. I am honored by your mention of us out of over 1300 exhibitors and excited that you found the sauces to be so flavorful.

  • Assemble directory

    Sam – Thank you for visiting Stonehouse 27 at the Fancy Food Show. I am honored by your mention of us out of over 1300 exhibitors and excited that you found the sauces to be so flavorful.

  • Barbara

    It was lovely to meet you in Omnivore last week Sam. I love your blog!

  • Nicole

    I stopped in Omnivore Books last October and many times since then I thought about writing to thank you for all your recommendations for my trip. I was visiting from Alaska and browsed the shop for about an hour. On my way out I asked if you could recommend one place you wouldn’t miss in San Francisco and you gave me a whole list on the back of a bookmark. None of which I had on my list of places to visit. I ended up trying a few of your recommendations and they were all terrific.
    It was such a thrill visiting Omnivore Books and I must say I am very jealous of your job. It was fun to stumble across your site.
    Thank you so much for all your wonderful recommendations. I will definitely stop by the next time I am in San Francisco.

    warm wishes from Fairbanks Alaska,
    Nicole Pearce

  • Danny Yoo

    Sam, this is so cool! hope you’re doing well :)


  • Ken Rivard

    You left us a LIKE so I thought I’d check you out. You’re fabulous! I’m embarrassed I haven’t heard of you before–or, frankly, encountered you someplace since it seems you live somewhere near us (Brookline)–and you eat a lot of the same crazy stuff (kidneys, anyone?) we do. Enough blather. Your blog is great–you’re funny, informative and I found at least three strange things I want to make. Give us a shout sometime. Ken

  • Food Blogger Spotlight: Samantha Tackeff

    […] Here are a few of my favorite posts from The Second Lunch: […]

  • Sheila

    Hi there! So happy to have stumbled onto your blog. Actually found it while researching Le Creuset repairs, but what a small internet world it is. I live in Gloucester and spent last winter living in Berkeley, interning and working in restaurant kitchens, and absolutely loved Omnivore Books. Only wished I made it to the store more!

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